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This is the Internet home of an effort known formally as AAI Scientific. At present it is a sole proprietorship one person consulting firm specializing in small scale scientific and industrial data gathering, data reviewing, data interpretation and data presentation (generally graphing).

The principal scientist (indeed the only scientist as of this moment) is Robert J.Sprafka, PhD. He is also the principal at an associated company, Sprafka-RJ_Consulting specializing in Small Business, Home Office, and Personal Computing difficulties and small-scale networking.

Dr. Sprafka's brief resume, a full list of publications in three scientific disciplines, and a summary of his computer and digital electronics background and accomplishments are available for your review as introductory material.

Contact Information

Dr. Robert J. Sprafka
Senior Scientist
AAI Scientific
2920 Twana Drive
London (Lake Choctaw) OH, 43140

rj_ @ rjsprafka.com

telephone: (740) 845-1032
fax (by appt)
no pager (I hate them!!)

(If you need a consultant at your constant beck-and-call, immediately responsive to your every whim and phone call -- please contact another firm. I function best when left in relative isolation to do my work once the project is defined.)

"The background picture was derived from a 1966 photograph taken in an exposure of the Brookhaven National Laboratory 80-inch Liquid Hydrogen Bubble Chamber to an incoming beam of 28 GeV/c protons. The experimental group involved was a subset of the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (Berkeley) Alvarez group. The Alvarez group 46 mm camera was used. (Dr. Sprafka was actively involved in the acquisition of the pictures, and was responsible for adapting the LRL data analysis programs to include the BNL bubble chamber with the 46 mm camera setup.)

The primary interaction is a proton-proton collision yielding 9 positively charged and 7 negatively charged secondaries, and one neutral particle ("Vee") (probably an anti-Lambda hyperon) decaying into two charged particles. This was the first sixteen pronged event + "V" observed in this experiment.

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